Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let’s talk PROMOTION!

I, being an impatient and result oriented person, have decide to embrace bribery and rewards in shamelessly self promoting my new book series A Dangerous Destiny. I think it will actually be fun!

Let me give you a brief overview of my series, or if you wish, just skip ahead to the fabulous giveaway part. First let me say, that to call A Dangerous Destiny only a Paranormal Romance is doing the series a disservice. Books #1 and #2, Cherishing Destiny (Released Dec 2012) and Following Destiny (to be released in March 2013) are part of a Dystopian Fantasy that encompasses several years and numerous characters. Many of the sub-plots were wrapped up nicely at the end of Cherishing Destiny, while others will continue through Following Destiny. The additional books in this series will be less dependent on the previous books for their storylines and will be able to stand alone if the reader chooses not to explore the background.

With that said, this series does contain very mature themes of sensuality and sexuality between consenting adults that occasionally stray from the contemporary mainstream. However, I believe these themes to be presented without crude language in a sexy and sensual manner. The scenes are not gratuitous and are included to enhance and describe the very sensual nature of my main characters. Feel free to read the excerpts on my website, Http://DangerousDestiny.com.

Now for the bribery and rewards! Finally, you are thinking!

I am sponsoring the giveaway below, but there is MORE. Read carefully to see how you might win a new Kindle as well. I have had moderate sales in the first three weeks of Cherishing Destiny’s debut, but my 3 day KDP free promotion resulted in downloads in the four figures. So, I know that there are a lot of copies of Cherishing Destiny out there, but I have only received 2 reviews, one on Amazon and one on Goodreads.com. It would be improper of me to offer additional entries or ways to win in exchange for reviews and I would not do so. However, I would like to encourage those who have read Cherishing Destiny to leave an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads, preferably both.

If Cherishing Destiny receives 100 reviews on Amazon by the end of January, I will add a New Kindle to the top prize in the giveaway below, in celebration of my 100th review. If Cherishing Destiny receives 200 reviews on Amazon or Goodreads or any combination of the two (including duplicates left on both sites), I will make the top prize a New Paperwhite Kindle. Reviews can be good or bad (just be honest). Reviews will not be tracked or compared to entries. You do not need to leave a review to enter the contest or win a grand prize. No additional entries will be given for reviews. You do not need to have read or purchased the book to enter the drawing. So, enter now! Share with your friends! Encourage your friends and followers to leave reviews!

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