Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday Freebies

Saturday Update

As of 8AM EST many of the Friday Freebies were still listed as Free on Amazon.  I have updated the image below.  Follow the instructions posted on Friday and have a fantastic weekend of reading!   Noelle

Here are the Friday Freebies for February 15th!

Just click on the image below and follow the link to my Friday Freebies Amazon list.  Then click on the Book Cover you want and it will take you to the purchase page for that book.  The cost should be $0.00 today. Use your back button to return to the list if you want to choose more than one title. Sorry I didn't do individual links today.  Have a great weekend!


  1. First off thanks for the tweet on this...

    Can u tell me how this works, cause when i click it, it takes me to Amazon but they are not free.. :(

    1. This link takes you to my Friday Freebie list on Amazon and you should be able to click on any individual book and then download it for free. I never know how long the promos will last, but I just checked the link for you and I am still showing these as free. You can email me directly if you like and I will try to assist you. I want everyone to enjoy the freebies!

  2. Thanks for the awesome heads up!