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The Nightlife Series Reviews and Giveaway

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• Title: The Nightlife New York (Book #1 in The Nightlife Series)

• Author: Travis Luedke

• Release Date: August 18, 2012

• Genre: Paranormal, Adult Romance

Synopsis ::
Vampires, strippers, escorts, night clubs, gangs, pimps and corrupt cops, the Nightlife of New York is never boring.

Is she a beautiful blond guardian angel as he imagined, or something else entirely? When Michelle saves Aaron's life she shares the benefits of her blood (after getting him shot accidentally). He awakes a changed man, living in a purgatory of eternal night, never to see the sunrise again.

Michelle drags Aaron through a hardcore learning curve of vampiric slavery. Forced to adapt to servitude, Aaron is subject to her authority of compulsion. She orders him around like a puppet on a string, a dog on a very short leash. First things first, he must learn to feed properly without creating bloodslaves (humans addicted to the powerful drug-like effect of their venomous bite).

And then she puts him to work-a male escort in the sex trade-same as Michelle. Aaron walks a tightrope of strictly controlled feeding regiments and intensely erotic sexual adventures while catering to the neurotic control-freak tendencies of his new master. It's do or die, Michelle vows to eliminate him if he proves too difficult to control. The real kicker-amidst all these shocking and degrading adjustments, Aaron finds he's falling in love.

Can he maintain and keep a sliver of his humanity intact? Innocence is a luxury few can afford in the decadent nightlife of New York. In a world where sex, blood, and power over women is so readily accessible, Aaron struggles against the predatory instincts deeply rooted in his new psyche. He must find his way quickly, practicing rigid self-control, or risk the consequences of Michelle's wrath.

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The Nightlife: New York by Travis Luedke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aaron is in the wrong place at the wrong time and Michelle, an exotic vampire, has to choose to turn him or let him die. Good thing for us that she decides to turn him, so that we can read about their slightly warped love story.

I love when an author builds the characters and fills them out. It is something I look for in every book I read or write, and Luedke does this very well. His characters aren’t flat and one dimensional (maybe a tad bit stereotyped here and there) but still interesting.

From the blurb on Amazon, I expected the relationship between Michelle and Aaron to be a little darker and more twisted. As it turned out, I think their relationship, despite a couple of rough patches, was pretty sweet, loving and supportive. I like how, by the end of the story, Aaron had become a strong man and I like him as an alpha male.

The sex was mostly erotic (with the obvious exceptions of the scenes that weren’t meant to be) but felt a little rushed sometimes.

Overall, an easy read that can be finished in one afternoon. I love the main characters and feel like this was a good introduction to them. I hope for just a little more plot in Las Vegas, which is on my list to read.

• Title: The Nightlife Las Vegas (Book #2 in The Nightlife Series)
• Author: Travis Luedke

• Release Date: November 17, 2012

• Genre: Paranormal, Adult Romance Erotica Thriller
Synopsis ::
Vampires, Aaron Pilan and his master Michelle, live by one rule -- no bloodslaves. EVER. Aaron breaks that rule when he meets Anastasia. All Anastasia wants is to be loved and cherished, but the predatory men she’s attracted to bring her only pain and abuse. Escaping one train-wreck relationship for another, she finds happiness with Aaron and Michelle as a bloodslave, a 'pet'. When Aaron uses his telepathy to win thousands at the gambling tables, he attracts the deadly attention of the Colombian Cartel and Aaron and Michelle are 'disappeared'. Addicted to the bite of her vampire lovers, Ana is desperate to find them. But, Las Vegas isn't ready for vampires mixing heroin, sex and vengeance. Ana is trapped in the spiraling chaos.

The Nightlife: Las Vegas by Travis Luedke
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Aaron and Michelle leave behind the drama that surrounded them in New York to lay low in Las Vegas. From the outset, it’s easy to see how this might not work out so well for them. They run afoul of drug dealing thugs and break their one rule of not creating blood slaves.

First Aaron generates a little too much interest and negative attention by using his talents to cheat players at poker. This puts him on the radar of a drug dealer and his security contacts in the casinos. With a grudge to settle and a desire to possess Michelle, these men plot to get rid of Aaron and turn Michelle into a prostitute by hooking her on heroin.

Before they work on putting their plan in motion, Michelle and Aaron unaware that they are being surveiled closely, feed their hedonistic desires with partying as only Las Vegas offers. Aaron finds his interest piqued by a beautiful girl named Ana with a touch of telepathy and suddenly he can’t live without her and proceeds to turn her into his blood slave.

As the criminal plot unfolds around the trio, their lives spiral into a dark chaos of drug abuse, bloody violence and death.

The criminal involvement promised some interesting plot lines, but ultimately fell into the confusion of the drug fueled chaos and produced some creatively violent deaths and a new character that looks to continue into the next installment of Nightlife.

The blood slave, Ana, initially looked like she would be a unique and interesting character, after all her gypsy heritage and telepathic abilities were what drew Aaron to her in the first place. But, that talent did not develop into anything other than a convenient way to communicate with her master, Aaron. Her addition to Aaron and Michelle’s passionate love life was sexy and promising but that didn’t last when Ana ended up showing herself to be a severely emotionally damaged alcoholic. She was self-loathing and needy and it was a little difficult to see how and why she graduated from “pet” to precious loved one.

The story is an interesting chapter for Aaron and Michelle, but I feel like our favorite vampires have lost a little of their innocence and likability. The drug fueled debauchery and hedonism was not an attractive side of them. I hope they will redeem themselves a little in the next adventure. I look forward to The Nightlife: Paris.

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