Saturday, February 9, 2013


The Dark Path by Luke Romyn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vain is a man without a past, an assassin without a shred of humanity, that is until he meets Priest and agrees to rescue a boy. Then Vain starts to realize that he might have been someone else once. He might have been Martin, with a wife and a child and a loss so tragic that he became a dark shell of a man with nothing on the inside. When cracks appear in Vain’s shell, his life becomes something far from empty. With friends and purpose, without much hope of success, he strives to be a savior.

I liked this story very much! The author’s visions of Hell and its resident creatures are twisted and fabulous. Our hero is damaged and tragic and the rest of the characters are flawed and sometimes humorous. My only complaint is that Vain/Martin became very attached to various characters, yet I never really saw him develop those relationships. He just started caring about them out of the blue. Other than that, this book is a page turning ride through a wonderfully warped imagination and I adored it.

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