Friday, April 19, 2013

Following Destiny Cover Reveal & Giveaway!

Hi to all the Share My Destiny Followers!  I know you've seen these hot new covers for A Dangerous Destiny Series last week, but I am going to be posting them again randomly throughout the month of April, to remind everyone of the Celebrate Followers Giveaway and to see if we can achieve the top prize level of A New Kindle!  So, share this post on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or whatever your social pleasure and get your followers to join the Giveaway followers to make the Grand Prize grow and grow!

Title: Following Destiny
Series: A Dangerous Destiny #2
Author: Noelle Blakely
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance (not erotica) Dystopian Fantasy Adult Content
Format: Ebook
Length: approx 95k

Release Date: Spring 2013

Book Description:

The world has become dark and dangerous, especially for the children born after the Solar Storm.  The Vamphyrs, the human Changelings, and even the Were clans’ children are all exhibiting the effects of an evolutionary leap as they mature to adulthood.  Destiny is no exception.  She must learn to deal with her evolved gifts as well as her awakening Vampire desires without the guidance of her mother, Aurora, who remains a prisoner of the witch, Mother Zhukov.  The father of her heart, Ryan, and the father of her body, Alex, may sometimes clash, but the safety and security of their extended and very non-traditional family is paramount and they make the difficult decision to continue West.  Ryan will make the children into warriors and Alex will ensure that their minds are just as deadly sharp. Destiny and the rest of her generation find that they are not so different from their ancestors when their needs and desires awaken with force in their maturing bodies.  Destiny must learn to face love and rejection, lust and regret and still survive some of the most dangerous times in her young life. In the end she may find what she seeks, but she may also make a discovery that will forever alter the lives of them all.

18+  This book contains adult themes of erotic intimacy and graphic violence.

Following Destiny
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About the Author:

Noelle Blakely lives on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains with a patient husband and a spoiled little dog.  She enjoys auctions and renovating homes.  She spends most days writing and blogging and preparing for "Grandparenthood."   She claims that her somewhat warped imagination is the product of influences such as Stephen King, Clive Barker, Jacqueline Carey, Frank Herbert and so many others.  But, as much as she loves Fantasy, SciFi, Horror and Paranormal, she will admit to being a sucker for sappy love stories and has been known to watch Jane Austen movies more than once in the same month. 

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