Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Magic Touch Giveaway Hop & Swag Bonanza!

Share my destiny giveaway updated with four more prizes! 

This Hop is hosted by author Kallysten and book blog Riverina Romantics. In addition to individual prizes provided on each blog, we are offering assorted swag to the first 100 participants who simply tell us they want some! See all details and sign up here.

Enter the Share My Destiny Magic Touch Hop Stop Giveaway!

Four more author sponsored ebooks have been added to the prizes!  That makes 10 winners to be chosen!

Note: Not every book pictured will be given away

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! I love books with magic in them ;)

  2. Excited about seeing your books. Nice to meet you. Love stories with magic, werewolf, vampires, ghosts and anything paranormal. Thanks for being in the blog hop.

  3. This is the best hop ever! Thank you so much for your generous participation. I am a new follower and looking forward to the journey :)

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! Hope you have a wonderful day! :)