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Heart of Vesuvius Excerpt, Guest Blog & Giveaway!

Heart of Vesuvius
Forsaken Brethren Series- Book Two
Sky Purington

Genre:  Time-travel/vampire/paranormal

Date of Publication:  March 29, 2013

Number of pages:  71
Word Count: 35 K

Cover Artist:  Tamra Westberry

Book Description:

Alexandria has no choice. She must flee to the last place she wants to. Straight into the arms of a vampire she was determined to forget.

Salvator finds this a clever fix to obtaining the one woman he has always desired, Alexandria.

Together, they must find a way to evade her powerful enemy, Salvator's brother Luciano. On the run, they struggle to understand one another. Denied passion ignites. Blood is spilled. Within the heart of Vesuvius, anything is possible.

When ancient Italy pulls them back in time, dark secrets are revealed.

All can be conquered. But will it be? Can wrongs be made right? History is the locked door. Forgiveness is the key. Time will tell if ancient love can once again flourish. 

Short Excerpt

Salvator smiled, white teeth gleaming through the darkness, midnight hair brushing his shoulders. "Now that is where you are wrong." When he stood, she instinctually shifted back against the headboard. "Clothing never suited you."

Her nudity suddenly felt underused and sumptuous. The thin sheet and velvet blanket like a caress of pure perfection. As he slowly approached her thighs spread, welcoming. She slammed them shut and refused to scowl.

Salvator dripped seduction. He walked it, breathed it, spoke it.

She knew better.

"Shhh," he whispered. His finger trailed up the bedspread, skimmed along her thigh, hip, waist, until it left and returned to his side. "I will not seduce you…yet."

For a split second, Alex almost said, "Why not?" She caught her tongue. Ancient vampires were very good at what they did and Salvator ranked amongst one of the eldest. But she had grown. After all, she had been made eight hundred years ago. Though not one of the more powerful of her breed she'd paid attention and learned.

"I demand respect. I'm old enough to request such," she said. His olive-skinned hand clenched and pulled tighter against his side. She met him eye to eye, did not shy away from his abnormally pale bluish-gray gaze as she had in the past. He was to fear, respect and worship. Tall and broad shouldered, inherently smooth, he owned a room when he entered it.

He had owned her once, almost.

Not now.

With a flick of his wrist, she felt the weight of clothing comfort her skin. Salvator hadn't lent glamour to it to purposely arouse her. He had honored the way of the vampires. In many ways she was shocked he had lent his aide to her at all. But he hadn't really. He had lent it to Gabriel, for purposes of his own. Though she would like to say Salvator was different than most vampires, he wasn't. There had to be a method to his madness.

She guessed vengeance.

Alex swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood. This put the top of her head at his shoulders. "You could have dressed me in something more acceptable."

Shifting slightly, he cornered her between the bed and night table. "Consider yourself lucky you are dressed at all."

She eyed the flaming red, form fitting, silk gown minus undergarments and muttered, "Barely."

Lightning fast, his hands lay on both sides of her waist. His imposing frame was far too close, beautifully proportioned face bent. Long, thick black lashes framed his icy eyes.

"You sought my protection. Your insolence incites me." His hands squeezed. "To not grant you the respect you feel due you."

Did he still think her the quivering novice? She would not pay him an unwarranted price for his shelter. She'd not be his whore.

With all of her power, she shot one hand forward. He fell back a few inches. Alex waited calmly for the expected counterattack, for it would be swift without doubt. Instead of the wallop she deserved for attacking an elder she witnessed an oddity.

He smiled and said, "You've changed, uccellino. You are no longer a cowering beginner."

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Guest Post:  Sizzling Sexy Vampire Moments by Sky Purington


Sizzling Sexy Vampire Moments by Sky Purington

Thanks for joining me on Heart of Vesuvius’s, Bewitching Book Tour. Book two in the Forsaken Brethren Series, Heart of Vesuvius is not only an action-packed tale but a steamy read about two vampires with an overwhelming attraction to one another.
Alexandria was first introduced in Darkest Memory (Book One) where it soon became clear that she too was destined for romance. Little did anyone anticipate that hers would come in the form of ancient vampire, Salvator.
Today I thought to share some of those sizzling sexy vampire moments that ensured these two would never be able to walk away with their hearts intact. Enjoy!

Scene #1
"I'll believe it when I see it." She sniffed, suddenly alert to the scent of blood.
In the blink of an eye, Salvator stood close. His demeanor was passive, hand against her cheek, wrist skimming the corner of her lip seductively. "Feed, piccolo, please, siete affamati. So very hungry."
His accent lured her or was it his blood? She closed her eyes and rubbed her cheek against his hand as a cat might her master. When her fangs elongated in sudden need, Alex jerked to awareness. To drink his blood would make her vulnerable to him. Accessible in ways even she could not control.
She spoke, voice husky and needy. "Give me what you have supplied. I'll not drink from you."
His starlit blue gaze crawled inside her and dared for a moment, tempted, before pulling away. It had felt as though she'd stood on the edge of a cool, clear nourishing lake after days in the high desert desperate for water only to have witnessed a mirage. He again reminded her how easily she could want and need him. But that he and only he remained in full control.
"Still so stubborn," he murmured. "Someday you will drink from me. When you do no other will satisfy." 

Scene #2
Ensuring time slowed for the others, he wedged her—pelvis to belly—against the waist-high stone wall. Furious, she dug her nails into his shoulders and tried to push him back.
He didn’t budge an inch.
Why should he? The position felt quite enjoyable, her current mood wonderfully defiant. She had changed some…not as much as she thought she had. This little vampire had always stood up to him. She’d also maintained the annoying ability to turn away his advances. It made no sense, really. He knew deep down it had more to do with her affect over him rather than his lack of supernatural ability or strength.
It also had to do with the fact he knew he had eternity to make her his.
"Let me go, Salvator." She glared up, fangs bared, big blue eyes deadly. He wandered her face, inch by inch, enjoyed what had been gone from him for so long.
He fingered her jet-black hair and kept her lulled within his gaze, relished her anger. He enjoyed the feel of her spirit when she stood up for herself. "I do not think it would be wise of me to release you, mi amore. You might devour my new house guest." 

Scene #3
A new fire ignited her blood beneath his arrogant, knowing appraisal. Why him? Why now? In all her life, all her long centuries as a vampire, her body had been her own. Now she wasn't so sure. In fact, as liquid, hot warmth filled her icy veins, her body remembered his enticing touch. No, not enticing but mind-blowing. Surely she had lost her mind altogether to allow such a thing. And allow she had. She exhaled, recalling how his long muscled body felt pleasantly heavy when it covered hers.
No, she had wanted it, wanted it desperately at one point, maybe a few points, maybe the whole time. Alex groaned in denial when her whole body seemed to thrum in response to the mere thought of what he'd done to her. His hand inched up her calf, fingers creative and searching, Italian accent soft and forgiving. "See, bella, now you remember."
Salvator remained dripping wet. His tall body was clad in black, hair sleek against his head, deep set smoky blue eyes delving into hers. Sexy as hell, this vampire. Alex lowered her lashes and offered a small, inviting smile. Eager, lustful eyes glowed hungrily in response. His hand traveled further, she bent her knee, allowed him inch-by-inch further access.
"I do remember," she murmured, enthralled by his beauty, maleness.
"Si," he whispered, his long fingers skirting the top of her thigh. "Very good."

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About the Author:

Sky is the best-selling author of seven novels and several novellas. A New Englander born and bred, Sky was raised hearing stories of folklore, myth and legend. When combined with a love for nature, romance and time-travel, elements from the stories of her youth found release in her books.

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