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Beneath the Veil Tour, Review & Giveaway!

Beneath the Veil
William McNally

Genre: Paranormal/Science Fiction/Horror

ASIN: 978-1481953627

Number of pages: 276
Word Count: 44,966

Book Description:

Welcome Beneath the Veil, a Place Where the Dead Have Never Left...

With his life turned upside down, a terminally ill man seeks answers from a family he never knew. Barry Ryan, a successful sculptor, goes on a journey to find his roots and the extraordinary family that somehow evades death and ties him to a terrifying future. 

Driven to find answers, Barry is joined by his sister and her boyfriend on the road to Auraria, a mysterious ghost town where terrible secrets lie hidden since the days of gold and greed.

All is well until they cross the city limits and fall beneath the veil, a place where the bizarre rules the living, and the living are prey trapped in an ever-changing web. 

Generations of conflict come to light as these unfortunate visitors struggle to survive. Echoes of the past are lethal this place where the dead have never left.

Guest Post by William McNally 

The Residents of this Town Eat Zombies for Lunch

Welcome to Auraria, a place the dead have never left. The setting of my latest book, Beneath the Veil, is a ghost town forgotten by time and most everyone else. To those lucky enough to drive by and keep going, this town is just a whisper from the past with crumbling buildings and overgrown fields dotted with rusting farm implements.  

Like any place, this town has many sides and only the truly unfortunate get to see them all. These people, the ones that stumble too close, quickly realize it’s impossible to leave. So, what do you do if you find yourself trapped in this unforgiving place? You try to make friends. Here’s a helpful listing of the town’s most prominent citizens:

Barry (Rhodes) Ryan is a successful sculptor suffering from a terminal illness. Adopted when he was an infant, he is forced to seek out a blood relative for a transfusion to save his life. Frequently creates art work weighing several tons…

Jen Ryan, Barry’s adopted younger sister, is brave, independent and free spirited. She works as a free lance photographer and lives in downtown Atlanta with her boyfriend Jackson. Prefers shooting in black and white…

Jackson is Jen’s boyfriend. He’s an easy-going dude who runs a small record shop. When he’s not slinging vinyl, he likes hanging with Jen and her brother. Drives a ‘70s van…

Willow is a young, local girl with a charitable heart who possesses a set of very unique talents. Loves children…

James Downs survived a plane crash that stranded him in Auraria.  Retired military…

Don “Doc” Randolph is the de facto mayor of Auraria. Doc provides free medical care to his neighbors…

Evangeline Rhodes hails from an uncertain past and preys on the locals. She’s not really a brunette…

Ezra Rhodes is Evangeline’s constant companion and takes care of many of her more unpleasant tasks. Once owned a bank in town…

Owen Bigsby loves to sample the corn liquor grown locally and is Auraria’s own town drunk. Lets others control him…

Well, there you have it, a sampling of the Auraria locals and don’t worry, there’s plenty more of them to meet and many to be avoided.

Special thanks to Share My Destiny for hosting the residents of Auraria, a town in ruins located deep Beneath the Veil.

Beneath the Veil
Review by Scott
3.5 of 5 


William McNally's Beneath the Veil is a ride from page one to the end. The pacing is quick, the action heavy, and the plot twisting. Veil is a horror action thriller, with emphasis on the horror and action; McNally often combines genres to entertaining effect.
Barry Ryan, sculptor, receives a weird piece of sculpted art in a bizarre break in that leaves him questioning his sanity. This sculpted rock, of a homeless man, eventually leads him to the town of Auraria, where his mysterious ancestors came from. His spunky sister and her boyfriend, Jackson, accompany him to the quaint haunted mining town only to discover that things are not as they appear. In an attempt to find his long lost relatives, to gain some family DNA to help his medical problem, and to find out more about the sculpted rock back at his city home, Barry plunges his sister and her boyfriend into a nightmarish ride that runs the gamut from ghosts to zombies to long lost alien civilizations.
McNally's real gift is for cinematic pacing. Every chapter is short, to the point, and moves his twisting plot ahead. Veil is no masterpiece, while the characters dialogue is believable, these characters are not undergoing emotional change or high dramatic flair, they are action figures for McNally to set up and knock down, and keep the reader on their toes. McNally's imagination is rich, and writing style serviceable. This isn’t War & Peace, it’s a gun-popping, zombie romp through a twisted imagination. He's fun. Put the brain on hold and throw down the suntan oil, you'll burn through his thriller and be ready for another one. He lays down a variety of plot hooks to pull the reader in, but the real hook is the town of Auraria, and underneath the veil, a spell of sorts that warps time, reality, and consciousness, leaving anyone who wanders in trapped for eternity, doomed to wander the knotting, twisting, haunted roads of the old backwater mountain town. Of course, McNally is all about the plot twist, and though I won’t drop spoilers, needless to say the town is not what it appears, on any level.       .
McNally's other gift is stocking his world with quick characters. In poorer hands the revolving door of players would be cumbersome, but for McNally's thriller, they flesh out the fun. Barry Ryan, sculptor and sympathetic protagonist did not particularly grab me, but I chewed up McNally's armed campers, stuck in the town under the veil for varying amounts of time; transients in the haunted town. Doc and Sully, Jimmy, and the redneck brothers reminded me of the pulp military Mac Bolan novels I chowed down as a teenager. Action, explanation, witty dialogue, action, action, action.  McNally's knack for putting together a rag tag group of survivors is entertaining, think Lost, with more guns and monsters and weird crops growing out of graves.
Combine cool characters with a corker of a plot and McNally has stumbled onto a recipe for action pulp success. Just don’t expect things to be as they appear Beneath the Veil.
This book was provided free of charge as part of the tour for an honest review.

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 About the Author:

William McNally is a former executive, husband and animal advocate based in the mountains of Dahlonega, Georgia. Drawn to dark and thought provoking stories, he released his first book, Four Corners Dark in 2012 and recently followed it with his second, Beneath the Veil. Visit him online at for updates and events.

Look for William's next release, The Knights of Moonshine, spring 2014.

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