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To the Fifth Power Tour, Flash Fiction episode & Giveaway!

To the Fifth Power
Powers Trilogy Book One
Shirin Dubbin

Genre: Paranormal

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

ISBN: 9781622661800

Number of pages: 120

Cover design by Pamela Sinclair

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"A badass superheroine, a sexy smart guy, and the fight of a lifetime"

Book Description:

Three years ago, Zola Noite's nemesis killed her sidekick and forced her to watch. The guilt drove her to hang up her cape. Zola knows one thing for certain, as a result. She will never be a superhero again.

Psychologist Dr. Arturo "Fort" Forte specializes in super-powered mental health. He’s the only reason Zola can once again call herself sane—although, truth be told, the heat between them is slowly driving her back to mad.

When three mega-villains escape the prison Fort oversees, all Zola's best laid plans go up in flames. Fort asks her for help, and she can't turn down the man she's come to love. As battles ensue and clues add up, the one thing Zola trusts is called into question: Fort's true agenda and which side he’s on.

Confessions to the Fifth Power - Part Three, When We Get What We Want Will We Want What We Get
There’s something about a confession that really gets us going. If someone tells us they have a secret we automatically lean in, and our hearts start to pound. What will they say? Will it be sexy? Scary? Scandalous? We have to know. And we love confessions most when nobody knows the truth but us.

One thing we find the hardest to share is our true desire. We don’t want to be judged or, worse, have those desires used against us. Then there’s the question: when we get what we want will we want what we get?

With that in mind I thought it’d be fun to see what secrets Zola and Fort, the heroine and hero of TO THE FIFTH POWER, might reveal before the story begins. There are four secret sessions in total. Without question all four are sexy, scary, and juicy—like Fort and Zola themselves.

You’ll find the release schedule here.

And now, these are their confessions:

Therapy Session #: 55
Psychologist: Dr. Arturo Forte
Patient: me
Designation: retired [read: broken] superhero

Most of the time I can read what people are thinking. Not with him. He’s inscrutable. All smiles on the surface and darkly churning seas beneath. It drives me crazy not to know his intentions. And it turns me on.

That’s why I have to get away from him. Immediately.

He rubs a knuckle across the fullness of his lower lip. And I stare. If I were half the woman I used to be I’d straddle his muscular thighs and taste him. Make him mine. But that woman died on a playground. There will be no hot kisses exchanged between him and me.

It’s strange. I need his help to heal from . . .  the incident. My mind is fractured.  I find it hard to function. Yet I’ll do anything to get away from him because as hard as it is for me to read him, he sees right through me. He knows all the broken shards of glass that I’ve become.

He hasn’t said a word for nearly fifteen minutes. I’m nervous.  I’ll never show it, though. So I continue to tell him all the fluffy but ever so slightly damaged things psychologists like to hear. If I get it right he’ll sign my medical release. And I need to get away from him. Or else I’ll lose what’s left of my mind.

He holds up a hand to silence me. I comply.

“Ms. Noite,” he says.

“Yes, Dr. Forte?”

“It is my professional opinion you’re ready to leave the institute and return to your life.”

Shit. I didn’t think it possible for more of me to shatter, but something inside my chest breaks from those words.

“But, I--” No. Don’t let me go.

He rises and adjusts his glasses. My big smart-guy therapist is the sexiest man I’ve met. But I met him at the wrong time.

“I’ll get your release paperwork started,” he says, moving across the room in the wrong direction. Away from me. “Be well,” he pauses. “Zola. Take good care of yourself.”

When he leaves he doesn’t bother to close the door the way he usually does. I slide off the couch and onto the floor, unable to catch my breath. The lock on my cage is open, but I realize I don’t want to be free.

What the hell am I supposed to do now . . .

Supplement #3 for TO THE FIFTH POWER
By Shirin Dubbin

Superpowered Love – The Swag Pack
To celebrate the release of my new superhero romance, To the Fifth Power, I’ve matched the book up with an equally hard hitting, highflying, romanc-a-thon of a swag pack called SuperPowered Lurve. . .and there are snacks too!   

Swag pack contents

About the Author:

Shirin Dubbin is often called a “chic geek,” and she likes the sound of it. Especially since she’s a closet wallflower (albeit one with a fabulous alter ego).When not working in graphic design or hosting The Fantastic Forum—a celebration of comics & speculative fiction—she writes stories inspired by the art, literature, international cinema, and anime she grew up with.

In her own storytelling, Shirin spins tales of sci-fi and urban fantasy with romantic edge. The battle between good and evil, humor, and break neck action are ink to her imagination.

Culturally, she’s half American, half British and very southern; right down to the accent and love of grits. Government reports show a residence in DC, but Shirin lives largely on the astral plane and hopes to meet you there.

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