Thursday, December 19, 2013

Exception Blitz Excerpt & Giveaway!

The Defiance
Patty Maximini
Publication date: November 2nd 2013
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

When all hope for moving on from a life filled with pain and abuse was gone, Emily Watson closed herself off to the world, packed her bags, and moved across the country in search of a new life. What she found was a career she adored and friends she loved. It wasn’t a full and complete life, but it was definitely better than what she knew before.
When all hope for being loved and accepted for who he was instead of what he had was gone, Taylor Carter decided that trusting people outside of his family wasn’t really smart and would only lead to disappointment. With his world turned upside down, his life became about his work, and every new relationship was meaningless and superficial. He was safe and definitely content but never truly happy.
When all hope for staying awake during a long day was gone, Emily and Taylor found themselves at the same coffee cart. Little did they know then that the worst coffee they’d ever had would forever change their lives.
When hopeless people are blinded by an endless pain, when contentment and safety feel like the best options, and when love seems impossible, they may just find an exception.



“You’re Emily, right?” the woman asked. “Emily Watson?”
The confused frown on Emily’s face deepened, but her sweet tone didn’t waver. “Yes, can I help you with something?”
“Not really, but I’ll have your drink ready in a sec,” Annabelle informed her with a smile.
Once more Emily was baffled. “Okay, but shouldn’t I order and pay first?”
Annabelle giggled and shook her head, fixing a lid on top of a venti paper cup and placing it in front of Emily. “It’s been taken care of.”
Emily eyed the woman in confusion and opened her mouth to ask what she meant, but Annabelle continued with the explanation she was looking for. “Your drop dead gorgeous friend just left. Apparently he knew you’d come here. Before he paid for it he marked the cup himself and left clear instructions on how you liked your coffee,” she said, a swooning expression on her face.
Emily’s eyes instantly dropped to the cup. Her lips curled into a broad smile, proving to herself that, where Taylor was concerned, she was not in charge of her own face. She thanked Annabelle who winked at her, and made her way to the sofa by the window.
Removing the protective sleeve, Emily read the words scribbled in black ink. 
Emily A. Watson
“The Usual”
A whole lot of bold coffee + some skinny milk + a drizzle of cinnamon

I told you me knowing your order might come in handy, enjoy! See you soon, T.

Words have always been a passion of mine. I’ve always loved to read them, write them and learn them in other languages. Last year, I’ve decided to take that passion and turn it into a book, the result was Exception, my very first novel due this October.

Whenever I’m not sitting behind my computer, I’m either enjoying the company of my dear hubby, Alex, and our four four-legged babies or reading. I’m a firm believer in long hand written letters, love of any kind and good stories.

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