Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Noreen's Choice Tour, Guest Blog & Review!

Noreen’s Choice
Wolf Clan Shifters
Book 2
Ann Gimpel

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
ISBN:  978-1-62210-058-3

Release Date: 11/4/13

Genre: Paranormal romance
47,000 words

Snared by the mate bond, Noreen risks everything for the men she loves.

Book Description:

It’s 1936 in Calgary. After a terrifying experience, Noreen is frantic to escape the Garden of Eden cult, so she catches the night train north out of town. An ominous stranger and a farmer who’s furious she slept in his barn remind her just how alone she is in the world.

Wolf shifters, Les and Karl, eke out a primitive existence on the flanks of the Canadian Rockies. Between Hunters who want to kill them and a wildfire raging out of control, they’re relieved when their clan leader, Jed, shows up.

Jed has a surprise in his car, though. While passing through the nearest town, he spied Noreen by the side of the road picking straw out of her hair and offered her a ride. Before Jed’s car even stops rolling, Les and Karl know she’s their mate. So skittish she’s barely willing to exit the car, Noreen busies herself helping Jed and his pack mates unload supplies.

Can Les and Karl convince her to stay? If she does, will the risks she faced as a cult member pale in comparison to being mated to shifters?

Guest Blog by Ann Gimpel

What Does Success Mean for You?

While fiction flows readily from my mind to my screen, the nonfiction articles take longer. For one thing, I suppose I don’t want to be writing simply because someone told me a couple of years ago, “All writers must have blogs and do lots of guest posts.”

What that means is I try to come up with a topic that will be of interest to people and will give them something to walk away with. The proliferation of blogs has been as great—or greater—than the proliferation of books in the past few years. So there are a lot of choices. That being said, thanks for tuning into this one. I do try to make the moments you spend here worthwhile for both of us.

Like many of you, I view the year drawing to a close as a time for introspection. For paging through what I did this last year and seeing what went well—and what didn’t. Obviously, no one wants to repeat their mistakes, but it’s seldom that simple. Take the current mess in Washington DC. I’m sure you’re all heartily sick of the endless post mortems. The bottom line is this: a strategy someone thought would work didn’t. That doesn’t mean throwing out all the ideology for a particular party. But it might mean dissecting just what went wrong and why. And dropping the media and their endless (misleading and meaningless) polls into a black hole—forever.

Fortunately, our individual lives are easier to manage. We can take stock of what we want to accomplish in the year to come and apply the filter of our wisdom to figure out what steps we need to take to bring our goals to fruition. When I was much younger, it was traditional to make New Year’s resolutions. I don’t know if anyone does that anymore. I remember some of mine. Back then I’d put my list up on my bulletin board. Not exactly front and center, but close.

That’s the key to any sort of significant change. Prioritizing what we need to do to make it happen. It’s easy to get sidetracked. We all have busy lives. It’s easy to fall into bed and say, “I’ll do that tomorrow.” Nothing of value comes without effort. Sometimes a lot of effort. The effort can be subtle, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Like smiling genuinely at someone you detest because they’re your husband’s closest friend. We can suck things up. It’s actually not even that hard. Sometimes when we “act as if,” we discover the person we thought we couldn’t stand isn’t so bad after all.

We’re all just people. For the most part we’re motivated by the same things. Once our basic needs for food and shelter are out of the way, we’d like to be loved and we want to be happy. Having rewarding work helps, too. Sometimes we get sidetracked. It’s always helped me to look beyond a behavior that grates on me to try to see the person hiding underneath.

What plans do you have for 2014? Is it going to be the best year yet? It could be, but that depends entirely on you. We can have the best intentions, work our butts off, and still not meet our goals. It’s what happens afterward that defines us. Someone rather famous once said, “In order to get any good ideas, you have to get a lot of ideas.”
So what if something you were banking on didn’t work out the way you’d hoped? Be resilient. Be flexible. Take the good parts, jettison the bad, and pay it forward. Anything we do to help others comes back tenfold.

Any stories you’d like to share about successes you snatched from the jaws of defeat? I’ll bet lots of you have them.

Noreen's Choice
by Ann Gimpel

Review by Daria
3.75 of 5

Any story about shifters I'm all in. This one was good and worth the read. A bit less shifting than I'm used to reading about, but it didn't take too much from the book. Our characters are dealing with a organization that wants to terminate ungodly creatures ie, shifters. In comes a sweet young woman running from her own “organization”, only to get picked up on the side of the road in desperate need of a friend.

I loved Alice her insight and her happiness showed through, she herself had 3 mates and seemed just fine. (smiles). I didn't get to read their story, I'm assuming its the first book. This was the second, but you could read it fine without the first.

Alice and her mates take Noreen to the male shifters that live up in the woods and are “roughing” it. As soon as Noreen meets Les and Karl they are drawn to one another. Once everyone else has left, the males go about putting Noreen at ease, all of them tell stories of themselves. Before long Noreen accepts the world that fate drops her in. I really enjoyed the easy acceptance, no screaming and fainting. (smiles) With her background and the need to have something of her own Noreen wanted to give Les and Karl a chance.

Magic and shifters yep a believable everyday occurrence. Les and Karl were pretty backwoods they had the money to do with they wanted, but without a mate they didn't see the point. They themselves easily accepted the change in their lives... a mate that they have waited for a very long time for. The passion was hot and instant, and quiet often. No jealousy or anything like that from Les or Karl which I liked also. All three just sparked and made more that water boil.

With a natural danger moving closer and a threat to they shifter way of life, the newly mated couple decided to move to California.. at least for the winter. They don't quiet leave Canada without issue, a kidnap,assault and a couple of rescues later. We see our sexy wolves with their mate headed to California.

It was a really good book, something small was missing … but not sure what it is.. so grab this book and a fav drink snuggle in and enjoy.

This book was provided free of charge as part of the tour for an honest review.

About the Author
Short Bio:

Ann Gimpel is a clinical psychologist, with a Jungian bent.  Avocations include mountaineering, skiing, wilderness photography and, of course, writing.  A lifelong aficionado of the unusual, she began writing speculative fiction a few years ago. Since then her short fiction has appeared in a number of webzines and anthologies. Full length works, Psyche’s Prophecy, Psyche’s Search, and Psyche's Promise are small press publications available in e-format and paperback. To Love a Highland Dragon, Fortune’s Scion, Earth’s Requiem and Earth’s Blood are urban fantasy romances available in e-format. A number of paranormal romance shorter works are also available. Check out Ann’s website or blog for a full listing of her fiction.



  1. Big hugs and a hearty thank you for inviting me back to your blog, Noelle. And to Daria for her usual, thoughtful and well-crafted review. I'm so glad the book resonated for her. Happy holidays to all!

    1. Ann, my sweet! As always I am thrilled when you visit my blog and impart some of your precious wisdom in your guest posts. It also looks as if you have gained another fan in Daria. I know that Crys and I have reviewed some of your books here in the past and now you have captured the interest of Daria as well! We are becoming a blog full of fangirls! I hope your holidays are wonderful and I am sure to be seeing you here in the new year!

  2. Aw, what a kind thing to say. Thank you so very much! The very next book to hit will be book two the Dragon Lore Series, Dragon Maid. First one was To Love a Highland Dragon. Anyway, Dragon Maid is done. I'm just waiting on a cover and ARCs.