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Passion From the Vine Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Passion From The Vine
Shannon Casey

Genre:  Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-4918-2508-2  
ISBN: 978-1-4918-2509-9
ASIN: 2013918106

Number of pages: 188
Word Count:  55,045

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Book Description:

Izzy, a woman shattered by the man who was supposed to protect and cherish her, sets out on a journey to mend her broken heart and discovers a passion greater than she had ever imagined. 

Valentino, a man driven to expand his family’s empire and bury his own tormented past, finds a desire that runs deeper than the vines he tends. 

Enthralled with each other, Izzy and Valentino want a real relationship but can’t let go of their painful pasts.  Izzy, seeks her independence while still trying to hold onto Valentino, but he will not settle for pieces of her love and halfhearted trust.  Will these two broken souls, who were brought together by fate and bound by an irresistible attraction, be strong enough to overcome their own insecurities and give love a chance. 

When I entered the dining room I feel a moment of despair as he isn’t there.  Then he appears from the opposite door and my heart skips a beat.  He has taken the time to change into black slacks, a white button down shirt and a black tie.  He looks like an ad from a magazine that is selling elegant sex.  As he approaches me it’s like watching a Black Panther move towards its prey, so beautiful and yet so dangerous but I can’t walk away.  He holds two glasses of wine and offers one to me.  I take it and immediately drink it down, trying to find the courage to play his game.  I’m relieved when he takes my arm and leads me to the table because I’m too distracted by my own thoughts to worry about food.  He pulls the chair out for me and slides me in.  Taking the seat beside me he somehow makes the large dining table more intimate.
Maria enters with several dishes and looks at me with a knowing smiling.  She has went all out and prepared a full Italian dinner for us.  There’s enough food for a small army. Our first course, called L’antipasto was an assortment of meats, cheeses, olives and bread.  I take a bite of cheese and find Valentino watching me with a hungry look on his face.  He takes an olive from the tray and places it against my lips.  “Let me feed you”.  I opened my mouth and take the olive in, gently running my tongue along his fingers as I do.  I feel his intake of breath more than hear it and it’s like an aphrodisiac.  I reciprocate by taking cheese and placing it in his mouth.  As he chews I have the overwhelming need to run my fingers along his lip line. His eyes are hot and all for me.  I can’t believe this magnificent creature wants me this much. 
Before long the second course, la prima piatta is delivered.  Maria has made pici pasta with pork sauce paired with a Chainti wine.  I sip my wine and feel the familiar warming in my stomach.  It’s a heady combination the wine and his sent, but I make sure not to drink too much.  As we eat our pasta he comments, “You eat with gusto just like you do everything else, I love that about you”. 
I feel a little embarrassment by his words, I have always loved food the different textures and tastes.  I know I’m not a petite woman and at times I have felt too voluptuous for American men.  He seems to read my mind as he places his hand on my thigh and whispered, “I love your curves, you are a real woman and I intend to explore each curve tonight”.  His words make me instantly wet and wanting.  I am no longer focused on the food as I look into his eyes and know that he is thinking about f-ing me.  I reach my hand under the table and begin to draw circles on his inner thigh.  He shifts in his seat and I smile.

About the Author: 

Shannon Casey was born in Turlock, California, the second oldest of eight children.  Being the only girl she had to use her imagination to entertain herself.  She was also a tom boy who never let the fact that she was a girl slow her down.  She learned to ride horses better than the boys and practiced her hand at roping and barrel racing.  

She married her high school sweet heart during her senior year and became a mother at seventeen, but she didn’t let that slow her down.  Her daughter became her motivation to obtain her college degree and create a better life for them.  Shannon graduated from CSU Stanislaus in 1997 and soon after had her second daughter.  She went on to obtain two master degrees in psychology, two credentials and a private license. 

During her career as a psychologist she never gave up her dream of becoming an author, but as the years passed she never found the time to actually write.   Like most people, the daily grind and spending time with her children took precedence over her desire to create. 

Then she met her second husband, Corey Casey, through her older brother Anthony.  They married in March 2008.  When her son was born in July 2009 it was the perfect time for her to cut her hours to part time.  Corey inspired her to pick up her pen and write, telling her that she would never know unless she tried.   Since that time, she has written her first novel, traveled and found her creative outlet. 

Twitter: @Shannon79396996 

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