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The Plaque Legacy: Acquisitions Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

The Plague Legacy: Acquisitions
Christine Haggerty

Print Length: 229 pages

Publisher: Fox Hollow Publications


Book Description:

Half a century after the world was decimated by a bio-engineered plague, military scouts are acquisitioning a new supply of exports—slaves.

With his family dead, sixteen-year-old Cameron Landry is a reluctant survivor, haunted by nightmares and bound by promises. When he and his worst enemy, Devon, are both selected for shipment to a civilization called Salvation, Cam suddenly has nowhere to run. Devon is a mutant, stronger and faster, and his hatred for Cam grows with each passing day. As Cam makes friends, and finds a surprising ally in Devon’s twin sister, Tara, he learns a secret that could change everything.

But Devon is on the hunt, and Cam is running out of places to hide.

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The basement had a small window, the glass crusted with years of rainstorms and wind. After a few heartbeats, Cam’s eyes adjusted and his jaw fell open.
            Bags of onions, apples, turnips, and potatoes hung from the rafters. Metal shelves hugged the cement walls, cans of everything from olives to ravioli stacked in neat rows.
            “Whoa,” Cam exhaled and ran his hand over a bag of onions. “Mama Lucy, you’ve been a bad girl.” He tsked and shook his head. “No wonder you have arm flab. You’ve been holding out on us.” He picked up an old oat sack that had been dropped on the floor and filled it with apples and potatoes and cans of beans. “And here I thought the only things I would find were moldy oats and your oversized underwear.” He grabbed an apple and took a bite, a drop of juice running down his chin.
            “That’s more than just a snack. Going somewhere?” Tara melted out of the shadows between two of the wire shelving units.
            “What are you doing down here?” Cam hugged the bag to his chest and stepped back, bumping his ankle into the bottom stair.
            Tara chuckled. “Me? What are you doing down here? If Mama Lucy caught you stealing her potatoes, she’d wring your neck like you were one of the chickens.”
            Cam swallowed his bite of apple. “You’re the one who’s been stealing.”
            She shrugged. “Maybe.”
            “Why?” Cam studied her, the marked half of her face hidden in the shadows, her eyes wide and luminous in the half-light.
            “Why not? Mama Lucy certainly doesn’t need it. She has more than just arm flab, and this stuff rots down here while we go hungry.”
            “She feeds you and your brother more than she feeds the rest of us.”
            Tara held up an apple and a can of pineapple. “You think this is for me, don’t you?”
            Cam stared at her. You steal food and Mama Lucy thinks it’s me. If it weren’t for you and your mutant brother messing things up, I would be invisible. But he didn’t say anything as he held his eyes steady with hers.
            She shrugged. “Figures you would think that.”
            So this is where she got the apple for Peter? He wanted to ask her about the night before, but he had made a pinky promise. “If you don’t eat the food, what do you do with it?”
            “Nothing, right?” She reminded Cam of his promise by the pavilion as she stepped out of the shelves and stood in front of him. “Let’s make that our motto. Nothing.”
             “Okay,” he nodded. “That goes for both of us, right? You’re doing nothing and I’m doing nothing? We were never here?”
            She nodded. “Nothing.”
            It was harder to think with her standing so close. Beautiful. “Well,” he shrugged and swallowed. “Nice talking to you.”
            “Nice talking to you?” She broke into a low laugh. “Was that supposed to be a conversation?”
Suddenly, Cam felt awkward. “Well, it was kind of a conversation, you know, like two humans talking to each other.”
Her eyes narrowed. “Like humans?” She flipped her braid behind her shoulder, “Like I’m not human because I’m a mutant?”
“No,” Cam shook his head. “That’s not what I was saying.”
She looked up as the floor above them groaned, “Mama Lucy’s awake. Better get out of here before she catches you.” Then she cut her finger across her throat. “Like a chicken, and that’s mine,” she grabbed the bag out of Cam’s hands.
He watched her go up the stairs. Oh, great, the first time I actually talk to her and I’ve pissed her off. Maybe she’ll be glad when I’m gone.


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About the Author:

Christine Nielson Haggerty grew up in rural Utah with three brothers, a sister, several chickens, a goat, and an outhouse. She always loved the escape of science fiction and fantasy and the art of writing, and her passion is to craft stories of strength and survival.

Christine taught high school language arts for several years, encouraging perfection of the language in her young adult students. Now she appreciates her background in classic literature and history as she draws on the past to write about the present and the future.

Her favorite genres to write are young adult dystopian fiction and young adult urban fantasy.

You can follow her news and mental wanderings at

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Twitter: @chaggerty99

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