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Bottle Banished Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie
Bottle Banished
Book One
C.L. Riley

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Romance

Date of Publication: February 11, 2015

ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1506170640
ISBN-10: 1506170641

Number of pages: 301
Word Count: 80,500

Cover Artist: Steph’s Cover Design

Book Description:

Genie thought learning how to “do” The Hustle was the worst thing about 1977, right along with strobe lights and disco balls, but she discovers something far worse the day she is bottle banished by an unsanctioned hunter obsessed with her destruction.

Thirty-seven years later, she is awakened from her spellbound slumber by a homeless alcoholic who wants whiskey not a wish. Overwhelmed with shame and keeping secrets from even himself, Reid Romans is the worst master ever.

He stinks. He’s dirty. He’s rude, but even more maddening; he’s sinfully sexy under all the filth and attitude.

When his green-eyed gaze captures Genie for the first time, she’s hooked, and being hooked on a human is not acceptable or allowed according to the genie rule book.

While Reid’s unsavory past bites hard at his heels, and he’s accused of a murder he didn’t commit, a powerful jinn is stalking Genie, intent on adding her to his harem. She has rejected him too many times to count, but he won’t stop until he claims her—body and soul.

Genie and Reid have way more than one love-sick jinn to deal with. A ruthless FBI agent; a cold-blooded cartel; and a hateful hunter, who wants genie back in her bottle, banished forever; keep them fighting for freedom and against the desire flaring between them.

Dark secrets, forbidden love, and simmering suspense take Genie and Reid on an unforgettable journey where the past and future collide and wishes run out.

Please be advised: Bottle Banished is a multiple POV (Point of View) dark fantasy that portrays graphic drug use, violence, language, and sexual situations some may find offensive, including dubious consent, light BDSM, and a Ménage à Trios. There is a Happily Ever After (HEA) for now, but several doors remain open for future installments.

Readers will uncover numerous references to current and past pop culture sprinkled throughout the story. Watch author’s website for contests connected to these references!

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Bottle Banished: Dreaming of Genie
Reid Romans POV
Losing himself in his third glass of Jack, he closed his eyes, temporarily shutting out the world. Warmth spread through his body, reviving him and making the pain in his hand tolerable. He could always count on whiskey to work its magic.
Magic? Hell no!
 His eyes latched onto the stunning creature talking amicably to Mark, her gaze traveling his direction. When she caught him looking, her whole face lit up. She smiled, and he swore a chunk of his frozen heart melted. Forget the whiskey; the heat from her simple smile staggered him, shattering something inside. Whatever she was doing to his emotions had him messed up. He’d always made sure his life maintained a certain status quo, even on the streets. He couldn’t allow her…whatever she was, to change things no matter what type of feelings she triggered.
“You look better,” Mark said, providing a dose of reality―a reality where a gorgeous, olive-skinned woman with flowing black hair and luscious curves had appeared in a cloud of colorful smoke and called him master.
How could this be real?
Something had seriously snapped in his mind, sending him over the edge. The only problem with his insanity diagnosis was Mark. The liquor store owner was interacting with her, too. Reid studied them both carefully. He noticed then that Genie had traded her amazing belly-baring costume for a pair of bell bottoms. With a turquoise tube top and puka shell necklace, she looked ready for a seventies party.
“Reid, I said you look better. Are you okay?” They both were watching him warily.
Was he okay? He didn’t think so.
“Master, please, let me help you,” Genie pleaded, her kind expression too much to handle.
With another long chug, he emptied his glass and prepared to put an end to her charade. A few well-timed insults would do the trick. “What are you wearing now? Don’t you have any normal clothes?” He sneered.
Her eyes flared. “You may be my master, but I am not required to put up with your attitude, and at least my clothing is clean.”
Her hands found her hips, drawing his attention to the high wasted jeans. She wore them well. He suspected she’d look good in a garbage bag.
“Whoa there, buddy. I think I know why she looks like a seventies poster child,” Mark interrupted. “Genie, do you remember what year you were bottle banished?”
She looked thoughtful. “Of course. It was 1977. Why? What year is it now?”
Reid traded a glance with Mark before answering. “It is 2014. August 22, 2014. You’re in Portland, Oregon.”
“10:01 PM,” Mark added as if the time mattered.
Genie collapsed against the side counter, breathing hard. Her composure crushed by the announcement. “I was bobbing around in that bottle for thirty-seven years,” she whispered. “It feels like yesterday when the hunter captured me.”
“Hunter?” Reid didn’t like the sound of that. He might not want a female tagging along on the streets, but he sure as hell wouldn’t let some asshole hurt her. “Mark, what do you know about all this?”
“Let me lock up. We’ll talk upstairs.” Mark latched the door and unplugged the neon We’re Open sign.
“Genie?” Reid hated to ask, but this was no ordinary night, and one shared bottle of Jack Daniels wasn’t near enough. “Can you create money?”
“Just grab a bottle. It’s on the house.” Mark retrieved his own glass. “Genie, are you hungry, thirsty?”
She shrugged. “I’m not sure what I am, but considering I haven’t eaten in almost forty years, I probably should.”
Not sure why, Reid found himself grinning. “Now that’s what I call a serious diet.”

About the Author:

C.L. Riley is addicted to books, coffee, and playing around on the Internet where she cyber stalks things she enjoys. She has a passion for reading dark fantasy, biker romance, paranormal romance, erotic thrillers, and everything “genie.” She has four books to her credit under a different name, thus the missing author photo. For now, she is keeping her other identity top secret.

A native of Portland, Oregon, C.L. Riley has a son in college and a teenage daughter that keeps her on her toes at home. Her house is filled with books; something her kids, to her dismay, call clutter. She is working on book two in the Bottle Banished series and the Scorched Souls serial, a four-part, biker romance serial series. 


  1. Thank you so much for your support! I appreciate you hosting a spot on my book's blog tour. I'm enjoying my visit to your site and expect to return often. I hope your readers will take a risk and let Genie out of her bottle! I think they will enjoy the magic! Sex. Suspense. A snarky sister. Silly banter. Sex.

    You're my last stop, so I'm getting bolder with my comments. Having fun with it all! Again, thank you for showcasing Bottle Banished-Dreaming of Genie. Happy Reading, everyone!

    1. That Rocks! I hope you will come back often, enjoy the books and fab authors like yourself that share their sexy, scary and edgy reads with us everyday! Welcome!