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The Hybrid Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

The Hybrid
The Wild Clan Sagas
Novel 2
Christine Murphy

Genre:  Futuristic Romance

Publisher:  KnightFall Publishing

Date of Publication:   August 1, 2015

ISBN:  9781311085313

Number of pages:  200
Word Count: 139,328

Cover Artist:  Christine Murphy

Long Book Description: 

The ruling hiarchy of the known world, BioGen, continues to manipulate the genetics of the human race to try and prevent the extinction of mind-kind.  In their meddling to control life, BioGen combines human DNA with alien.  Success is achieved and unique females are created and industrially born.  The baby girls are surprising in their beauty and abilities, but BioGen, in their need to control and conquer, force the delicate females away from their caregivers.  Their only goal is to hone the powerful gifts of the maturing teenagers.  In the end, however, they perish one by one because of the uncaring ways of their handlers until there is only one extraordinary woman remaining.

Born part human and part Phoenix, Sara has hidden among the enemy since she was created. Disguised in the appearance of a Nul working for BioGen, she searches for the truth about her creation and the sisters she lost during childhood. During her duties she is assigned to guard and observe scientific experimentation on a man who she discovers is no other than one of the Wilder males.

Captured as a young man while searching for his brother, Justin is forced into service to be one of the highly coveted Companions.  Refusing to be broken and used by the Gen female population he is tortured and then used for genetic research. Under the Headquarter's control his very sanity and memory is almost destroyed.  Ultimately BioGen will destroy him if he can't find a way to escape back to The Wilds and his family. The fates bring him a breath-taking woman who is the key to both his freedom and hers.

Thrown together in hopeless circumstances, the fated lovers are initially enemies. However, Sara is instantly drawn to Justin and she has no choice but to free him from BioGen's grasp. At first Justin sees her as nothing more than his way to escape but it doesn't take long for him to see the mysterious beauty under the surface of her disguise. Together they find a way to escape from the enemy's Headquarters. 

During their run for freedom they will find the most unlikely allies in both Daman, a high class Companion, and Defiance, an underground group of escaped males who just may have their own agenda.  Joining the group of criminals is a dangerous consideration, however, Justin and Sara must team up with Daman, who is now leader of Defiance, if they have any hope of reaching The Wilds.  In the end there is no choice as BioGen's assembling army begins an all out attack on Justin's family and the Rogues. 

In the search for answers and freedom, Sara and Justin's growing trust and dedication to each other will become a flame of passion and love.  They will discover the intense love they have for each other makes them stronger than all of the uncertainties and dangers in their life.  Sara's gentle caring will allow Justin to trust again and recover his memories.  In return, his belief in her will allow Sara to harness her Phoenix abilities.  Only the two of them have the true power to save Justin's family and the Rogues who call The Wilds home. 

In one great clash of wills at the edge of civilization a great battle will be waged between BioGen's Nul army, the Rogues, and Defiance.  In the midst of the conflict and chaos will be two incredible lovers who will do anything to save those they care for.  Justin will rejoin his family and give Sara the strength to harness the fiery ability of her Phoenix side in the final showdown.  In the end, only the power of love will prevail and ultimately set everyone free. 

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Jabbing at the elevator call button Sara could feel her energy level drop dangerously low.  She bit at her lip trying to keep Justin hidden and her own mirage in place which was difficult.  She had never pushed herself this far before.  Behind her Justin pressed closer causing another surge to rush through her.  Rather he knew her predicament or not the action helped.  Heat cascaded through her system just enough so she could draw in a deep breath and maintain the artificial images for just a few minutes more..
As soon as the elevator doors whooshed open she dove inside yanking Justin in behind her.  Another quick press on the control panel and they were off to her floor.  So close and yet so far so she bit her lip and used the pain to force the mirage to stay in place.  Even on the elevator there was visual monitoring so she had to keep it together.  Her room wasn’t far off but it felt like a million miles.  It wasn’t close enough, but whether she wanted him to or not, the man so near her was giving her strength to get them into a safe zone.  The confusion in her mind grew – protect herself and the barely-there-life she had, or save the man only inches away who held her hand with a vengeance.
Inside she knew there wasn’t really any choice but to save him.  If she could just get a slight reprieve so she could think and get her head on straight.  Getting him to her apartment would be a start because only there did she truly have privacy.  For those who worked for BioGen, who were deemed official, if not trustworthy, only they were allowed a non-monitored place to live.  Others weren’t so lucky, like the Source, but she was.
Not soon enough the elevator came to a stop.  The second the doors opened Sara shot out and moved with enough speed to traverse the hall to her door in mere seconds.  She hoped the speed wouldn’t tip off whoever was watching the hallway that something was wrong.  It couldn’t be helped and she pressed her luck by going faster.  Behind her Justin kept up but it was obvious he was suffering.  His breathing was ragged and once he bumped into her like he had almost gone down.  By the time she stopped at her door to check on him he was already recovered.  His expression was neutral but his eyes still glittered dangerously.
Yeah, he would take her down if she made one wrong move.  Becoming breathless herself from too much exertion and the stimulation she was experiencing from the overlap of energies in protecting Justin, she hurriedly reached into her pocket.  The moment she shoved her hand in her pants pocket he subtly shifted the neutralizer closer to her.  She couldn’t help her reaction.  She arched an eyebrow and gave him a scathing look.
“Don’t worry.  I’m only unlocking the door.  If you don’t want to be exposed out here give me a break and chill.”  She hissed under her breath.
Sara was glad he took her for her word and dropped his arm back to his side.  With little time to spare she pressed the button on the apartment key and heard the lock unlatch.  Shoving her shoulder into the door she forced her way in, jerked Justin inside, and then slammed the door shut.  Right before she would have fallen to her knees she relocked the door and snatched her hand out of his.  The moment contact was lost Justin’s form was revealed.  Glancing back at him she truly saw the mess he was in when the light revealed his tall muscular form.
As much as her healing abilities surged to life she couldn’t do anything for him.  Now that her energy was disengaged from keeping him concealed she tried to balance her own façade but it wasn’t working.  She was too exhausted but for every time she felt the mirage of the Nul form slip she fought to hold it in place.  Still, she sensed her image was flickering; dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin to auburn hair, aquamarine eyes, and sun-kissed skin.  Frustration filled her and she slammed her fist into the door.
The man behind her suddenly grabbed her, spun her around so she was facing him, and backed her up against the door with a hand around her throat.  This time his touch was light as compared to before but his sheer masculine presence held her in place.  His voice was demanding when he said,  “Stop.  Let me…let me see you.”
See her.  The words echoed in Sara’s head until they hypnotized.  Someone actually seeing the true her, since her caregiver had died, was a life event she had never expected to ever happen.  To let her guard down in such a way was everything against what she had taught herself to do in self-preservation.  And yet to let down her guard and expose herself to this man felt so very right.  Still, she was terrified, but she was also beyond the ability to keep her true form hidden any longer.
With a shuddering sigh she let go and let the façade slip away.  The sensation was terrifying, and yet so freeing.  Fearfully she watched the expression of the man holding her in place with nothing now but the lightest of touches.  Sara half expected fear, disgust, the desire to destroy, just like she had seen in too many Nuls and Gens when her sisters had been experimented on.  There was nothing remotely similar when Justin looked down on her with wonder, certain curiosity, amazement, but still an intense wariness that snapped back down into place.
His voice was barely a whisper when he murmured,  “Beautiful.”

About the Author:

Christine Murphy started her writing career at a young age even before she was putting words to paper.  Living in the Midwest left her with plenty of time to read and develop her creative mind.  Her first short story was written in grade school and was in a fantasy-type style.  Later she took an online course in writing and created another story based on the adventures of a Native-American youth searching for her purpose in life and filled with lots of symbology. 

Science-fiction fantasy was her main reading preference but quickly shifted to romance.  In the beginning she preferred Contemporary Romance but that didn't last long when she discovered Christine Feehan and JR Ward.  Paranormal Romance had infected her and she read as much of it as her voracious mind could adsorb. 

Eventually Christine joined the work force, and although she continued to read, she didn't pursue her need to create her own worlds other than in her head.  Her imagination continued but reality kept her busy including a successful medical based career in the military.  Working as a clinical laboratory scientist she was stationed in several locations in the United States and in numerous areas of the world including England, Italy, Germany, Africa, and the Middle East.  Finally her career brought her to a small town outside the Tampa Bay area in Florida.  This is where she finally realized time is too short to put off those enjoyments in life especially when her husband was struck with leukemia.  He successfully recovered but it made her decide she wanted to pursue writing which seemed to be put off her whole life. 

Within two years she had completed an entire series - The Sphinx Warriors Series, and started the first book of The Wild Clan Sagas.  Currently she continues to write from her Florida home while looking out her back lanai to a small pond where the wild-life gathers and the flowers bloom in exotic pinks and purples. This is her place of peace and freedom she has searched for all her life and where her husband and crazy African Gray Parrot, Raider, hang out with her.  It’s the place where her creativity runs wild while she spins tales of adventure and passion. She captures the unique characters, civilizations, conflict, passion, and love in her writing from the fantasies which still spin in her head.  She captures the strong, spirited, and powerfully attracted characters and all of their adventures and share it with others who are searching for that very thing to make their lives more exciting.

If she accomplishes nothing else in life, she hopes to share the romantically magical worlds and the lovers she sees with all of the passionate readers out there.  Her next projects are continuing to work on her Wild Clan Sagas and her Midnight Riders Series as she partners with KnightFall Publishing and CK Productions.

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