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Sins of Long Ago Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Sins of Long Ago
Book 2
Naomi Bellina

Genre:  Paranormal romance

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Date of Publication: 7/27/2015

ISBN:  9781622102372

Number of pages:  189
Word Count: 71,000

Book Description:

Werewolves and humans don't mix. Until danger forces an alliance and desire demands satisfaction.

Leading his pack of werewolves keeps Vincent plenty busy, and now with a predator out to harm them, life is more perilous than ever. The last thing he needs is a woman to complicate matters, especially one who sets his body and soul on fire. She's a human and a witch — totally the wrong woman for him. Even if he could take a mate for his own, he refuses to put her in the danger his life has become. No way can they ever be together. Werewolf-style love is fine anyway. No permanent partner, no bullshit, no heartache.

Genevieve has never known true love. Cursed by an enraged woman long ago, females in her family are doomed to go insane if they fall in love. Life has been fine without a man around-- until a hot werewolf drops in and captures her heart. Though they have plenty of obstacles to overcome, Gen knows they can work past them. Tell that to Vincent, as he struggles with old pack rules about love, sex, and consorting with humans.

As Vincent searches for a killer, deals with death among his own, and tries to keep his hands off Gen, she attempts to end her family curse. Together, they must find a way to break free from the sins of long ago.

Heat level: 3 out of 4


“I hope you haven’t been waiting long.” Vincent’s voice, from behind her.
Genevieve whirled around. “Where did you come from?”
He smiled, a look that set her pulse racing and heat forming between her legs. “I took a look around the parking lot first and came in the side entrance. Sorry, occupational habit. Trade me seats—I don’t like my back to the door.”
Genevieve looked at him for a moment. He really was one fine-looking man. His hair curled over his jacket collar just a little, and a five-o’clock shadow dusted his jaw. Did he ever let his facial hair grow out? She could picture him with a beard, maybe even a mustache. Could feel hair tickling her thighs as he…
She shook her head slightly. Hottie or not, his tone of command didn’t work with this girl. No guy told her where to sit or gave her any other order. Her displeasure must have shown loud and clear on her face because his smile faded a notch.
“Or we could both sit on this side together.”
“No, that’s okay. I’ll move.” Relax. No reason to make a fuss. He was used to giving orders, used to sitting facing the door. Don’t make an issue out of nothing.
She scooted out and slid in on the other side. “I got here a little early and ordered a drink.”
“So I see. Who is our server?” Vincent looked around.
Just then a woman stopped by their table and handed them menus. “What can I get you to drink?” she asked Vincent.
Vincent turned to her and flashed that smile again.
“What do you have on tap, darlin’?”
Apparently, she wasn’t the only one affected by his charm. Gen watched in amazement as the woman, who had been brisk and professional when taking her drink order suddenly turned into a nineteen-year-old college girl. A horny college girl. She leaned to one side, jutted out her hip, stuck her pen cap in her mouth and giggled, staring at Vincent. His smile broadened.
“Drink list?” Gen asked as the woman ran a tongue over her bottom lip, still gazing at Vincent.
“My name is Chloe. I’ll be your server tonight.” She giggled again then managed to tell them the beers on draft.
“You made quite an impression on her,” Genevieve said.
“It’s a wolf thing.” Vincent shifted in his seat. “We send out pheromones a lot of the time especially when we’re…” He stopped and tugged the collar of his shirt.
“When we’re, ah, when we have emotions.”
“When you have emotions? Don’t you always have emotions?”
“When they’re stronger than other times. We should look at our menus.” He grabbed his and buried his nose in the pages.
Smooth move, girl. Embarrass the guy, why don’t you? Genevieve snatched her menu off the table and hid behind it also. It hadn’t been this hard to talk to Vincent the last time they were together, or during any of their escapades the past few weeks. Of course, they weren’t exactly spending time together as a couple, just hunting down bad guys. Was this sexual tension rearing its hot, horny head?
She must be feeling the effects of his male hormones too, because her nipples had hardened, and the heat between her legs had grown more intense as soon as he sat down. An image of Vincent naked and coming out of a shower flashed through her mind. Holy hell, where had that come from? Menu, food, concentrate.
They both studied the menu intently, and Vincent looked relieved when Chloe brought his drink and took their order.
“Have you found out any more about the person attacking the weres?” Genevieve asked. Someone had given two shape-shifters a drug, causing them to shift unnaturally. Her friend Morgan, the new veterinarian in town, was involved along with another werewolf—Dylan, Morgan’s new lover.
“I just got a text from Dylan; he and Morgan have located Colin Sysco.”
“A little ways outside of Nocturne. They’re going to check out his place now.”
“And you’re not going with them?”
“No, I’m not. I’m having dinner with you. Dylan and Morgan are only going to scope out the situation. I told them not to get involved.”
“You know, Morgan is pretty pissed at this guy. Do you really think she’s not going to want to go after him?”

About the Author:

Naomi lives in sunny Florida with the love of her life and a magical calico cat. She writes for various fiction and non-fiction markets but is drawn to romance because her characters insist on canoodling and falling in love. So she lets them. Her interests include dancing, motorcycle riding, drumming and creating healthy meals. She takes the opportunity to play whenever possible.

Her motto:  Never pass up the opportunity to have an adventure!  

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