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Full Contact blitz & Giveaway!

Full Contact 
Sarah Castille
(Redemption #3)
Published by: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication date: April 7th 2015
Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance


When you can’t resist the one person who could destroy you…

Sia O’Donnell can’t help but push the limits. She secretly attends every underground MMA fight featuring The Predator, the undisputed champion. When he stalks his prey in the ring, Sia is mesmerized. He is dominant and dangerous and every instinct tells her to run.

Every beautiful thing Ray “The Predator” touches he knows he’ll eventually destroy. Soft, sweet and innocent, Sia is the light to Ray’s darkness-and completely irresistible. From the moment he lays eyes on her, he knows he’s going to have to put his dark past behind him to win her body and soul.



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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Sarah Castille, writes contemporary erotic romance and romantic suspense featuring blazingly hot alpha heroes and the women who tame them. A recovering lawyer and caffeine addict, she worked and traveled abroad before trading her briefcase and stilettos for a handful of magic beans and a home near the Canadian Rockies.

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Breaking Away Series Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Breaking Away Series 
Meli Raine
(Breaking Away #1-3)
Publication date: March 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Suspense


Finding Allie (Breaking Away #1)
Chase Halloway’s father is the president of Atlas, the drug dealing motorcycle gang that terrorizes most of our desert town.
My stepfather turns out to be a rival drug dealer, and I’m pretty sure he killed my mom two years ago.
I’m not supposed to fall in love with Chase. He’s not supposed to know I even exist.
But when he finds me, he can’t let go.
And when I find myself in his arms?
I hold tight.
I have to.
Because if I don’t, I might just die.
With or without him.

Chasing Allie (Breaking Away #2)
It turns out my stepfather has plans for me.
Plans that make dying look like a walk in the park.
He’s selling my virginity to a Mexican drug lord to get out of debt.
Chase just found out and is here to take me away to safety. To the ocean. To my dreams.
But while I’m gone, a murder takes place back home.
I receive a phone call. It’s the police.
I’m the prime suspect.
And if I go back, I may become the prime victim.
They say love conquers all, but can Chase save me from this?

Keeping Allie (Breaking Away #3)
I’m alone, tied up, bleeding and terrified.
I’m a prisoner at the Atlas motorcycle club compound. Someone kidnapped me, and it looks like it’s Chase.
No one knows I’m here. Then again, I’m no one, right? No mother, no stepfather, and my sister may have been kidnapped, too
They can make me disappear. Or worse. It turns out there are worse things than disappearing.
I thought Chase was my only hope.
Now he turns out to be my worst nightmare.
Something flickers in his eyes, though. A glimmer of love. If I can get him alone, maybe I can convince him to let me go. To let me live.
To let me go back to a time when I thought he was a good guy.
Only Chase has the power to make that happen.
Everything I am is in his hands right now.
And those hands are about to touch me.


(all 3 books in the series will be on sale for .99c)


Finding Allie
by Meli Raine
I feel the rumble of the motorcycle engines before I can hear them. The glasses on the bar start to shake and I slip, dropping one. It falls on the polished wood bar with a thud. Thank God it doesn’t shatter.
And then I hear them. Tires scraping against gravel. Engines without mufflers. The air changes. I’m filled with worry, like someone’s injected it into me. I reach up to put my fingers against my throat. I don’t know why. I haven’t done that since I was a little kid, afraid of the dark.
Just plain afraid.
My stepfather comes running from the back office, his eyes wild and arms tight with tension. His face is twisted with something I’ve never seen before. For a second, it makes me want to smile. For once, he looks like he’s nervous about something.
“Allie, you stay calm. Keep washing glasses.” His dark eyes narrow and he goes back to being cool and collected. The deep grooves of wrinkles in his face settle back to normal. His eyes are thin and tight, brown underneath the loose skin.
He’s tall and wiry, fingers stained from chain smoking unfiltered Camels. He looks at least ten years older than he is. My mother’s death two years ago aged him. It aged me, too, but I wear it on the inside. He wears it on his face.
Jeff has two emotions. Angry and neutral. I’ve seen a lot of angry, but not much neutral.
He looks like he feels fear right now. That’s new.
I push my long, black hair behind one ear. I wish I had a scrunchie to pull it back in a ponytail. August in the dry, desert heat of inland Southern California means it’s always hot. Any other summer and I’d be getting ready to go back to school, but I graduated this year. Late summer stretches out like one hot, empty void.
Like the rest of a life I need to live but can’t.
The air conditioners have been groaning all day. The sound of the motorbikes drowns them out now.
They are in the parking lot. Two. Three. Four. I can’t keep track of how many bikes pull up. My heart races but I keep it together. The last time a motorcycle gang came in, the bar got trashed. They beat Jeff up and the sheriff came.
Jeff can’t afford to have that happen again.
Blood rushes through me, pulsing hard. My fear is loud and clear.
He also got angry. Very angry.
I can’t afford to have that happen again.
Working at the bar is my only way to save money to move out of this town. I want to go live with my sister in Los Angeles. If the bar shuts down I don’t know what I’ll do. My hands polish the same shot glass over and over, like it’s a piece of silver.
My heart dances in my chest. I look down at my t-shirt and see drops of sweat trickling down from my neck.
The air is not that hot. I’m nervous. Terrified.
One of the bikers roars his engine outside. Another one does the same. Jeff comes back out with his cell phone in hand and starts talking angrily to someone on the phone. He is careful not to say anything loud enough for me to understand. I can’t hear a word. I can hear his fury, though.
I finish the shot glasses and load them on the shelf where they go. I’m shaking from the inside.
The main door opens a tiny sliver. Blinding sunlight pours in like it’s invading.
And then he walks in through the door. The sunlight behind him is a halo, like he’s an angel. A rough one. The most amazing vision.
Thick, scuffed leather boots with hard wooden heels crack against the bare wood floor, one at a time. My eyes start with that first boot. Then I see another. He wears jeans, the kind that are used to being on a motorcycle rider’s body. His pants mold to thick, muscled legs.
He wears a red and blue patch with an insignia I can’t see. Sunlight bounces off a thick belt buckle.
My blood runs cold and I freeze in place, my legs turning to jelly. I lean against the counter for support. I’m glad it’s there. My fingers need something to grab. My world is disintegrating under me. Looking at him replaces the world.
He’s a member of a motorcycle club.
I gaze at the patch he’s wearing but I can’t see it very clearly. It has a blue figure with red crescents on both sides. A warm rush of blood fills my face. His thick leather jacket is dirty and well-worn, dark as my hair and creased with age. A light-blue T-shirt sticks to his belly, slick with sweat. I can see the ridges of his abs. My fingers want to reach out and trace the lines of his muscles. I clench my fists so I won’t give in to the impulse.
“Jeff here?” His first words sound like ragged smoke and sunshine. My eyes meet his and he stays serious. We look at each other and time stops. Just...stops. His eyes widen and his jaw tightens as he searches my body with a look that says something I don’t understand.
But he feels what I feel. I can tell.
Pinpricks of heat from something other than the summer weather shoot through me. He looks like he’s older than me, and he’s steady and commanding. His hair is thick, the color of sand, and it’s messy, like he just rolled out of bed. Wolfish eyes skim over me, but he’s not in a rush.
I can’t breathe. I can’t move. I can’t do anything when he’s looking at me like that.
Please keep looking at me like that.
“Cat got your tongue?” he asks, his lips curling up in a half smile. His cheek moves the lines around his eyes. Light brown eyes with yellow chips, like someone shattered a gemstone. His eyes are like a lion’s, the color of a mane.
His eyes are dangerous and predatory. I can’t look away.
“Uh, Jeff’s in the back,” I say as the door closes slowly behind him, blocking out most of the light. I’m amazed that my mouth works at all. My mind can’t think. My body sure can feel, though.
I pause. What if I said the wrong thing? Jeff might not want anyone to know he’s here.
Vroom! Vroom! Engines blare outside. There are even more out there now. How many could there be? The man’s eyes narrow. He’s studying me. I like it. I don’t think I’m supposed to like it.
I can’t help myself.
“What’s your name?” he asks, a low rumble in his voice making me shiver. I’m not cold.
“Allie.” I shift and jut out my chin to show him I’m not afraid of him. “What’s yours?”
His grin widens and now he takes one more step forward. I can smell him. His scent is sunshine and dust with enough musk to make me take another deep breath.
He smells so real.
“Chase.” His name rolls off his lips. “Nice to meet you, Allie.” He reaches one gloved hand out to shake, then stops.
Pulling the glove off, he waves his hand in the air. “Sweaty.”
I clasp it anyway. It’s hot and slick. The touch of skin on skin makes everything else in the world disappear. Our eyes meet and we can’t stop staring. Am I imagining this?
“Nice to meet you too, I guess.” I look behind him, at the door. “Why are you here?”
He laughs, tipping his head back. It makes him seem less dangerous. “For a drink! This is a bar, after all.”
I smile, unable to tear my eyes away from him.
He’s staring right back.
The engines all trickle to silence. Boots scrape outside on the mottled gravel parking lot. Are they coming in? My heart swells and slams against my ribcage. If trouble is coming, I don’t know what to do. I’ve never been here before during an actual fight.
“All of you coming in?” I ask. If they’re paying customers, then this is fine. Jeff acts like this isn’t fine, though.
“Allie!” Jeff shouts from the back. “Get back here.” That sounds like an order. Jeff likes to order me around.
Chase frowns. “He always talk to you like that?” His words come out like a growl.
Surprised, I give him confused look. “Like what?”
“Like he doesn’t have to be nice.” His voice pounds through me like a heartbeat. He is being possessive, like a protective boyfriend. I only just met him.
The words sting because Chase is right. I swallow hard. Chase’s eyes are combing my face as if he’s trying to memorize me. I look away even as I wish he would watch me forever.
Chase. I want to say his name aloud simply to hear it on my tongue. To feel it roll over my lips. If I say his name then he’s really here, he really shook my hand, and he really is looking at me like he wants to.
Like he needs to.
“Whose stepdad is nice to them?” I ask lightly, like I’m trying to blow off the comment. This is too intense. Too unreal. He’s right, though. A little too right.
Chase’s fingers twitch and then his hand forms a fist. He’s staring in the direction where Jeff’s voice came from. He looks back toward the door where he entered.
“Good point,” he mutters, running his bare hand through that mop of hair. It makes him seem stronger. Darker. More in command.
“One second,” I say, turning away. I can feel his eyes bore into me. If I turn around now, I bet he’s staring at me. As I walk through the threshold to the back hallway I pause. Pretending to adjust something on a shelf, I look in the mirror behind the bar and catch his reflection.
I’m right. A shiver runs so fast through me I have to inhale sharply. This is a new feeling. I don’t know what to do. He’s gorgeous and frightening and the first of many bikers to show up now.
“Allie!” Jeff barks. I scurry back, cursing him in my head but knowing it doesn’t matter. I turn the corner into his office and his voice is so sharp he might as well cut me with it.
“You stop talking to Chase Halloway.”
“You know him?” Chase Halloway. The name makes me buzz all over.
Jeff’s face tightens. I asked the wrong question. By now I should know better. The butterfly of panic flaps its wings in my chest. How could I be so stupid?
He gives me a look that makes my stomach burn.
“What I know isn’t any of your concern. You just serve those bikers and don’t make trouble. No checks. It’s all on the house.”
“What?” My jaw drops. I can’t help it. Jeff never comps drinks for anyone except the sheriff. And he knows I can’t serve drinks.
“You heard me. Don’t question it.” His voice is pure venom.
I won’t. Not again. Jeff is not a violent man. Not toward me, anyway. When he has his bad moods, though, life can be hard. Very, very hard.
Loud voices interrupt us. I turn away and rush down the hallway to find at least twenty men and two women standing at the bar, lined up in a confusing group of laughing and angry faces.
A wolf whistle cuts the air. “Hey there, pretty girl.” A man older than Jeff, with all-grey hair in a fringe around his balding head, whistles again.
“Where’s your daddy?” grunts another man. This one is huge, taller than Chase, but with features that are similar. Chase’s dad, maybe. It’s hard to tell. All the bikers are covered with a layer of road dirt. Their faces look tanner than they really are.
“I’ll be her daddy,” shouts someone in the crowd. “Her sugar daddy.” A bunch of men laugh. My whole body goes cold with fear. I shut down. All I can think about is the baseball bat behind the bar. If I can get back there, maybe I’ll be safe.
“Cut it out,” Chase says, louder than the laughter. I look to my left and see him, alone, standing right where I left him.
His eyes are on me. Only me. But his words are for the crowd.
“Claiming her already?” someone shouts. There’s a challenge in the question.
Chase steps forward, closer to me. When he’s only a foot away, he pauses. I can feel his heat reaching out to pull me in. His arms don’t, though.
Chase turns back to face them. “And if I am?”

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Meli Raine rode her first motorcycle when she was five years old, but she played in the ocean long before that. She lives in New England with her family.
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Jayded Release Day Blitz!

Shevaun DeLucia

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: April 10, 2015

Photographer/Cover Designer: George Parulski

Book Description:

Maxine Daniels was made an offer that she couldn’t refuse. She couldn’t think of a better time—after breaking things off with her fiancĂ©—to change cities and merge her company with Saunders Literary Agency. At thirty-three, she isn’t getting any younger, so it’s time to start fresh and leave her past behind.

What she doesn’t anticipate is the diversion that lies ahead. Kyle Saunders is a catastrophic tsunami that enters her life and consumes her world in just a matter of minutes. Everything about him is telling her no, but her heart and the heat between her legs is screaming yes. He was never a factor in her divine plan—nor was she in his.

Kyle is the clichĂ© bachelor; he is a twenty-four-year-old charismatic chick magnet who refuses to settle down. He’s dead set on living the carefree single life—that is—until Max comes strolling in. Then all his ridiculous rules fall to the wayside.

Who knew that just one hello could alter their lives forever?

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About the Author:

Shevaun DeLucia, author of the Eternal Mixture series, lives in upstate New York with her husband, four children, and two dogs. As a stay-at-home mom while her children were young, she fell in love with reading. She indulged in the small moments that took her away from the reality of her loud, rambunctious household, bringing her into a world of fantasy. When reading wasn’t enough to satisfy her, she turned to writing, determined to create the perfect ending of her own.

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Hard Ride #1 blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Hard Ride #1: A Novel in Three Parts 
Opal Carew
Published by: St. Martin’s Press
Publication date: April 7th 2015
Genres: Adult, Romance


Liv never expected to find herself trapped in a dark alley facing a band of rough bikers. And she certainly never expected to see him again. Back in college when they dated, he was heir to his family’s business empire–and their fortune. She expected him to become a billionaire. Instead, he’s the heavily muscled, tattooed member of a rough biker gang…and just as sinfully sexy as ever.

When Shock sees Liv again, he’s ready to pay any price to have her in his bed and on his bike. Shock has his own scars to deal with, but he soon learns that Liv is in desperate need of financial help, though she won’t tell him why. So he offers her a sensual deal: his help for her complete submission. Can Liv entrust Shock with her secret…and how can she stop herself from falling for the hard rider?

This is part one of HARD RIDE, a three part novel.




Once out on the street, which was pretty deserted at this time of night, Liv started walking down the road.  She wanted to grab a cab, but there were no cars at all on this road right now.  After a few minutes of walking, heading toward a busier street, she started to get nervous.  It was at times like this she wished she still had her car, but with the drain on her finances, it was a luxury she could no longer afford.
There were some men hanging out on the corner ahead.  Rough-looking men.  Maybe she should go back inside and have the bartender call her a cab.
She turned and started to walk back, but as she got close to the bar, a few more rough-looking types exited the bar and started walking toward her.  Their gazes locked on her.
Her stomach clenched and a chill quivered through her.
Damn Carl for leaving her stranded here.  Ordinarily, she would never come to a place like this, especially alone, but Carl had insisted the only time he could meet her was after his shift as a bouncer at a nearby bar.
She turned down an alley beside her.  She was pretty sure it led to the next block and she could probably catch a cab there.  Or at least slip into the all-night diner she’d seen on the way here this evening.
But as she walked down the dimly lit alleyway, she wondered if she’d made a grave mistake.  She couldn’t see very far ahead, but shouldn’t she see streetlights from the next block?  Or headlights of cars driving by?
She heard a sound behind her and glanced over her shoulder as she picked up her pace.  Her breath caught at the shadowy shapes of three men behind her.  She lurched forward and ran smack into a big, solid body.  She gasped as she pushed herself back from a man with a broad, muscular chest and thick, tattooed arms.
Oh, God, the guy from the bar. 
She gazed up at him, expecting to see the leering face of the man called Crow, but her eyes widened.  In the dim light of the alley, she couldn’t make out much of his face, but this tall stranger wasn’t Crow or any of the men who’d been with him.
He grasped her arms and propelled her backward toward the building, then she felt the brick wall at her back.  All she could see of his face was the steely glint of his eyes.  Her heart pounded.
"Do you really think it's a good idea to be walking through a dark alley alone at night?"  His words came out low and fierce. 
Tears threatened at the dire situation she found herself in, but something about his voice nagged at her.  There was something about it that was . . . familiar.
He leaned in closer.   "But you always were lacking in common sense."
Shock vaulted through her.  That was it.  That voice unmistakably belonged to—

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Hi. I'm Opal Carew, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. I write erotic romance for St. Martin's Press and Samhain Publishing, and I self-publish stories. I also write romance as Amber Carew.

So why do I like writing erotic romance? I like being able to push beyond traditional boundaries. I like dealing with a female character who is growing and evolving - questioning her sexual boundaries and pushing past them. My stories usually include menage a trois. It is great fun to write a heroine choosing between two equally appealing heroes... or more.

These aren't women who just jump into bed with anyone. They find themselves in an unusual situation - something exciting and erotic - but a situation where they have to push themselves beyond their comfort level. As a result, they grow as a person. So often fear holds us back - of what others will think of us, of what we will think about ourselves - and we don't follow our hearts. These women push past that fear.

To learn more about me and my books:

The Australian blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway!

The Australian 
Lesley Young
(Crime Royalty Romance #2)
Publication date: March 27th 2015
Genres: Adult, Romance


Charlie Sykes takes everything and everyone at face value—and believes life would be a lot easier if everyone else did, too. Aussie Jace Knight, international hotelier and purported playboy, has never met anyone like the absurdly literal and obliviously beautiful American who applies for his personal assistant position. The trouble is, how do you pursue a woman whose definition of flirting comes straight out of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary? That, and he’s not the only one after Charlie. Seems Mr. Knight might not be a reformed criminal after all.

Soon, Charlie’s immersed in a whirlwind of international espionage that takes her from the hip streets of Sydney to the majestic Great Barrier Reef and the wild, desolate outback. A dangerous trap’s being set, but how will Charlie protect herself and prevent a tragic betrayal, when she can’t even sort out what her heart’s telling her?




I swung my legs around and glanced up into his eyes. Night was just beginning to fall. I had left the window open and a lovely breeze swept across our veranda lifting the curtain behind him. He had added a dress jacket to his dark blue jeans and mauve dress shirt. I picked up the familiar scent of his cologne, sandalwood and lime. His giant gold Rolex glowed in the light. His eyes held nothing but darkness.

I breathed out, smoothed my hair, and spotting my heels, leaned over to strap them on.

“Do you know why I hired you, Charlie?”

What a peculiar question. I was about to answer yes, when I realized, given my lack of hospitality and personal assistance experience, no, actually I could not be sure. I shook my head as I took his hand and rose to stand. His brow was stern and his mouth was flat.

“Your’s was the first pair of eyes I stared into in a long time, ever really, that I could see straight through to the bottom.”

Oh. He must be speaking figuratively. Was that a compliment? His thumb rubbed my hand like it was a feather. Perhaps he was practicing pretending to be lovers?

“Maybe that was wrong of me, to think how I wanted to keep you like that forever. Maybe hiring you, bringing in you close . . . maybe that’ll change you.”

I stared up at him, hearing my heart pound. Wait. Maybe . . . he was suspicious.

“Are you saying you regret hiring me, Mr. Knight?” I tugged my hand free.

I could not meet his eyes.

“No.” I did not dare look in his eyes. “But I’m worried I will,” he stated flatly. He stepped close after I stepped away. “Look me in the eye, Charlie, and tell me I won’t regret hiring you,” he demanded suddenly, his voice calm, deep and impending.

I need a glass of water to swallow my heart back down.

What had happened? Why this sudden strangeness?

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Lesley Young is a genre-defying author of unforgettable heroines who experience thrilling life- and love-altering journeys. Her debut novel was Sky's End; her most recent stand-alone series, Crime Royalty Romance, includes The Frenchman and The Australian. She loves to hear from readers.

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Piercing the Darkness Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Piercing the Darkness      
Shadow Born Series
Book 2.5
Angela Dennis

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Date of Publication: April 7, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-61922-626-5

Number of pages: 86
Word Count: 27,000

Cover Artist: Kanaxa

Book Description:

Love knows no bounds.

Cursed by the dark mage who killed her, Hilda Janssen has wandered the Earthly plane as a ghost for fifty years, finally finding her place as an IRT hunter, policing supernatural misfits trapped on Earth after a brutal war.

When a demon attacks, putting her team in mortal danger, Hilda sacrifices herself to save her friends. She’s already died once; what difference will doing it again make? But instead of meeting a final death, Hilda is cast into the Void, a magical prison from which there is no escape.

Her only hope is Cade Kerrigan, the lover she left behind after her first death. Their bond and his magic are the only things strong enough to pull her through the Veil. But Cade has no idea his soulmate came back as a ghost, and he isn’t too happy to have been left in the dark.

They must put aside the baggage of the past to save Hilda from a fate worse than death.

Warning: Contains star-crossed lovers destined for a second chance, a whirlwind of powerful magic, and a love so strong it defies even death.

Available at Amazon   BN    Samhain   iTunes  Kobo


Everything hurt, even her teeth. Hilda eased to her hands and knees, spitting dirt from her mouth. She had no idea how much time had passed, and she didn’t really care. All she wanted to know was where the hell she was.

She tried to stand, but pain brought her back to her knees on the damp ground. Rubbing at her burning eyes, she shook her head. Her vision was blurry at best, and all she could see for miles was dirt and darkness. The air was thick with humidity and stank of wood smoke, burning her lungs each time she inhaled.

Wait. She was breathing. Ghosts didn’t breathe. And they didn’t hurt.

Her legs gave out and she collapsed onto the ground. She ran her fingers through the soggy earth at her side, realizing she could feel it. Fighting back her growing alarm, she brushed her fingertips across her face. She could feel that too, and it felt solid.

Holy shit, she still had a body. She had no idea how that was possible, but she was going with it. This time when she stood, she was prepared for the instant pain and weakness, so she managed to stay on her feet. She spun around, searching for something, anything, other than the endless darkness.

She definitely was not still on the Earthly plane. This place felt different. The air was gritty, felt dirty against her skin. And something about it seemed…wrong.

As her eyes adjusted, she realized there were globe-like fixtures scattered beneath the ground. They shimmered with pale blue light that barely penetrated the dense atmosphere.
But it was bright enough she could make out the outline of a hillside in the distance. Maybe if she climbed to the top she could get a better look around.

She wrapped her arms around her chest to try and get warm, realizing she was naked.
How she had missed that was anyone’s guess, but it was irrelevant. It wasn’t as if she could pull a pair of pants and a sweater out of thin air. She’d figure it out later, once she got her bearings.

Bare feet dancing across the rough, pebbled landscape, she kept her eyes focused on the hill in front of her, confident her salvation lay on the other side. The farther she walked, the more confused she became. This plane didn’t fit the description of any plane she’d heard of, and the education Brenna had given her had been fairly extensive. There was a tingle of doubt in the back of her mind, a part of her that was convinced she was finally completely dead and this was her afterlife. But she refused to believe that.

So she moved forward, step by painful step, against the wind’s resistance, through the thick layers of fog, until she was only a few yards from the hillside. Now that she was close, she realized the hill was made of a series of jagged stones, jutting out at various dangerous looking angles. It would take a miracle for her to reach the top, but she was known for beating the odds. She’d never know if she didn’t try.

Her hand was clutching the first notch in the rock when she heard it. A mix between a growl and a hiss echoed through the night. It was so loud, she unconsciously released the rock, pressing both palms over her ears to block it out. The ground shook with the force of whatever was coming and the wind stopped abruptly as if it too was running away.

About the Author:

Angela Dennis lives outside Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband, son and a sheltie with a hero complex. When she is not at her computer crafting stories, she can be found feeding her coffee addiction, playing peek-a-boo, or teaching her son about the great adventures found only in books.

You can visit Angela at her blog

She loves to hear from her readers, so don’t forget to find her on Twitter to chat.

For All to See blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway!

For All to See 
Megan Mitcham
(Bureau #1)
Publication date: April 1st 2015
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense


Pristine waters and purified evil.

Two by two, dark-haired beauties vanish only to reappear as hanging, plundered corpses. The Virgin Islands boast diamond-white beaches, lush green mountains, a rich cultural heritage—and a brutal killer.

Three years on the “Field-Dresser” case and Special Agent Nathan Brewer is days away from catching the bastard—if he can convince a certain brunette to trust him. Only the woman is more likely to take a casual stroll on the surface of the sun.

After fleeing her troubles in the United States for the quiet life of a school teacher on the island of Tortola, Madelyn Garrett never imagined she’d be fixated upon by pure evil.

In a fight for her life—with a dwindling number of friends—she must rely on her cunning and Nathan’s skills for survival.


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            The tough-as-titanium woman placed her hand in his as though she were as fragile as fine China. A primal need to shield her from harm thrashed its way to life, annihilating every reserve he’d clung to over the past few days. Some things weren’t worth fighting. Fighting the need to possess Madelyn was like wrestling a hurricane. He battened down and dug in the best he could. When that didn’t work he ran like hell. But one gust knocked him flat on his ass. One wave swept away the world he’d known. And he was done fighting the one woman who could rearrange his priorities.
            Hand on the grip of his gun and the other wrapped around something far more dangerous, Nathan led the way to her Jeep. They rode in silence for a while. The echoes of their argument rang in his ears. He’d pushed her, but no further than she could handle. But now her head sagged against the leather rest. “I’m—”
            “Don’t you dare say you’re sorry,” she interrupted.
            Still tough.
            “I was going to say, I’m thinking steak for dinner.”
            “I guess it’s a good thing you’re a terrible liar.”
            “It’s no lie that having a whole cow spit roasted and served on a platter has crossed my mind a time or fifty in the last few days.”
            “You can eat whatever you want, in my house or out. I want a shower and bed.”
            “Good luck getting rid of me.”
            “The craving will get you sooner or later.”
            “A different craving takes precedence.” Nathan caught her gaze for the first time since he’d released her hand and closed the car door.
            “You’re on the job. Isn’t there a policy against that?”
            “There’s a whole handbook against it. Not to mention my own policies, which have held firm all the way up until you bullied your way into my life.” He gave her a sideways grin and turned back to the road.
            “Yep. You refused to leave. You refused a protection detail and a free vacation in Miami. You got me.”
            “Can I renegotiate my terms? Miami sounds nice.”
            “If you really want to, yes. I’ll have you on a plane tonight.” He didn’t want her to go, but he wanted her safe more.
            “What was it you said? Good luck getting rid of me?” She looped her tote over her shoulder and prepared to exit the Jeep.
            “How about you wait and let me go in first this time?”
            “If you insist.”
            “I do.” He killed the engine and waited for her to join him. “Stay behind me.”
            “I thought your people were watching this place 24/7.”
            “They are.”
            “But you don’t trust them?”
            “People make mistakes.”
            “Some bigger than others,” she said wistfully.
            He grabbed her hand and pulled her into the house. Shock of shocks, she didn’t jerk away. Deacon greeted him with a muzzle to the crotch.
            “Should I leave you two alone?” Madelyn whispered.
            Nathan poked her gently in the ribs and addressed the dog. “Buddy, we’re going to need to set up some personal boundaries. But if a bad guy shows up, that’s the perfect spot to bite. Now come on, let’s go find a bad guy.” They walked room to room, clearing the space. Deacon gave up in the living room and flounced onto his bed.
            “It’s just you and me.” Madelyn’s quiet voice bounced off the tiles and smacked him in the nuts.
            Yes, it was just the two of them in the bathroom with nothing but time to pass until they caught the serial killer. His hand slid from the gun and he turned. Her hand hid her sweet mouth from view.
            “I didn’t mean…it’s just you and me. I meant…there’s no boogie man lying in wait.” Her cheeks flushed that unmistakable shade of pink that set off the lightly toasted tan of her skin.
            “Mmm-hmm.” He took the hand from her mouth and glided his up her naked arm.
            Her breath hitched. Long, dark lashes veiled her gaze, which followed the trail of his fingers. He’d happily chance a shot to the balls to kiss her, but she wasn’t ready yet. He lifted the bag from her shoulder.
            “You have a nice bath.” Mounting every bit of strength he possessed, he turned and walked out the door.

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Megan was born and raised among the live oaks and shrimp boats of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where her enormous family still calls home. She attended college at the University of Southern Mississippi where she received a bachelor’s degree in curriculum, instruction, and special education. For several years Megan worked as a teacher in Mississippi. She married and moved to South Carolina and worked for an international non-profit organization as an instructor and co-director.

In 2009 Megan fell in love with books. Until then, books had been a source for research or the topic of tests. But one day she read Mercy by Julie Garwood. And Oh Mercy, she was hooked!

Megan lives in Southern Arkansas where she pens sizzling suspense novels.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bound Tour & Excerpt!

Bound Series
Book One
AM Hudson

Genre: New Adult/Paranormal

Publisher: AM Hudson

Date of Publication: April 20th 2015


Word Count: 112, 000

Cover Artist: AM Hudson

Book Description:

Elora can speak to the dead, but she has an affinity with the undead.

Born of immortal blood, her curse not set to trigger until around her twenty-fifth year, she was sent away to remain unaware of and hidden from the world of magic. And from vampires. But after Elora befriends the cocky, self-loving Ric Mason, she discovers secrets about him and his distant link to her family that reshape her entire world.

A dark, sexy three-book series that will have you screaming for more...

Preorder at Amazon


In my state of distraction, I hadn’t noticed how far into the prison we’d walked. I passed the other tour group on my way out, trying really hard not to advise a few people to check over their shoulders, and when I reached the yard, I stopped dead. A wide space of black grass, darkened by the absence of the orange lights and by the high cream wall, stared back at me, empty and oddly quiet. Usually, there were other groups lingering after their tours, but tonight … no one. Nothing. Not even flashes of torchlight showing the whereabouts of the rent-a-cops.
A cold shiver passed over me, pushing the summer heat away from the thick walls behind me.
I put my head down and brought my shoulders up, making myself as small as possible, casting my eyes to the glowing streetlight outside the prison gates. A hundred paces across the yard, that’s all that stood between me and freedom. A hundred paces through almost pitch darkness. A hundred paces past four ghosts that just made themselves visible to me, knowing I could see them.
They all looked up as I stepped out onto the grass, their eyes falling on the tight fist of fear in my chest. My heart raced as each step drew me closer, and I tried to remind myself that they had no physical power. They couldn't actually hurt me. I hoped.
Tales of horror, of the tortures and other atrocities that led these murderers to prison, filled my head as I walked between them. I could feel the hairs stick up on the back of my neck as another one came up behind me. I wasn’t sure who it was, but his energy felt dark and menacing. Every cell in my body screamed at me to turn around and just take one look. But if I did, or if I ran, they’d know I was afraid and they’d feed on that—they’d follow me, most likely outside the prison walls and to my car. If I let them think they had no power over me, they might let me be once I reached the gates.
My breath hitched and my stride shortened as I quickened my pace. I hugged my chest, holding tight to the keys, but as I my heart leaped forward, just six steps away from the gates, my hand went loose for no reason and the keys dropped to the ground. The clunk didn't register until I stepped outside the prison walls and as I spun around to look back at the shiny metal cluster—a few steps away into the pitch blackness I’d just walked through—the spirits closed in, standing shoulder to shoulder. No faces now. No form. Just wavering pulses of light. They hovered there just in front of the keys as if challenging me to cross the threshold back into the prison.

About the Author:

AM Hudson lives and works in Australia. She has four sons, a husband that plays in a band, and writing is her full-time job. In her spare time she reads books and spends too much time on Facebook.

Some of her works include: The Dark Secrets Series (complete), and Willa Wicked.